Dynamite Chicken

Everybody talks about P.F chang’s dynamite shrimps but I never hear anybody talk about the chicken. For foodies like me who don’t eat seafood this was an utter delight to find. Amazingly “dynamite chicken” is not on P.F Changs menu however you can order some for yourself and they’ll surely bring it as if its really on the menu.

The taste is simply awesome. A little spicy and a little tangy while the chicken inside is soft and melts in your mouth. Its an experience only chicken lovers like me can have day after day without getting bored. Served in a cocktail glass it looks exactly like the shrimps however you will be delighted to know its not. For years I visited P.F changs and I would stare at the other tables each one having an order on their tables. It would create a sense of curiosity within me however knowing I don’t eat seafood I would close my curious minds doors realizing its not for me. One evening thanks to my sister I was told they serve the same in chicken so I went and pulled out the menu looking for it butto my  disappointment   it wasn’t there. I called the waiter and asked for it and he said “sure mam I can get you that”. That day I waited like a five year old waiting for a toy eyeing the kitchen door. And hence I became a regular visitor and on days I wanted to skip carbs this would be my best deal .

For those who haven’t tried it as yet please dont waste time. You are missing out on alot in life. Go ahead and try the “dynamite chicken” surely to explode your tastebuds like a dynamite.

#P.F Chang’s # dynamitechicken #dynamiteshrimps #fooddiaries

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