Scottish Highlands



So I came across this picture in my mobile which dates back to 2015 and it’s at a spot called “Forget me Not” in Scotland. “A Glimpse of Heaven” is all I can say. It immediately took me down memory lane. There are few places in this world that you would visit and find nature spreading its marvel with such abundance that it forces you to wonder what heaven would look like. It’s the sort of place you would want to be buried at. LOL not that you would than be able to see much as you’d be way below the ground. However, this place was truly something you’d want to remember. To all those ‘single’ souls out there or those planning to tie the knot soon this is your destination. Scotland is the place you’d want to be with your partner to cherish and commemorate your love forever. It’s one of those spots you would want Yash Chopra to have his heroine swaying her saari Pallu in the air dancing in harmony with Sharukh Khan.  Here we were at this particular spot which surely landed down from heaven. So while my husband took both the children out of their carseats and placed them both in front of where our car was parked to wander on the lush green grass I started daydreaming. There I was in a Turquoise blue chiffon saari holding and swaying it’s Pallu in the wind with the massive mountains in the backdrop covering various shades of green. Clouds seemed to have befriended the mountains and sat low on them with much ease. The dew on the leaves still shone bright likes crystals lighting up the scene. My hero ( my husband ) stood beside me holding my hand in a jet black velvet coat. I looked up at him and smiled and closed my eyes to the serenity in the moment. “Heloooo, Helooooo ” sounds and fingers snapping popped my daydream in an instant when I opened my eyes to reality and I saw my husband snap his fingers at me “Hey wake up, we need to change his diaper ” . Lol ok back to reality. We’re in Scotland but with our two beautiful kids and not as a romantic couple on their honeymoon. Diaper change time. LOL yes that’s what life really is like.

At this particular trip we landed in London and took a train to Glasgow. Along with us travelled my 3 year old ( at that time ) daughter and 8 month old son. To some we seemed complete lunatics for planning a trip with two little kids. To me this was my road to sanity for travel is my passion , it’s what gives me hope and it’s what keeps me alive. When we reached Glasgow we immediately got this sense of security, a homely feeling and serenity engulfed us. We spent our day walking around downtown clicking pictures and enjoying the monsoon like weather. Did I mention I carried my professional DSLR along with the tripod , a stroller and my two children while we did this . Yes I seem insane but like I said this is my trip to sanity actually. So we spent our day exploring the downtown and at night came back to our hotel to get a good nights sleep.  ( Are you kidding me ? with two small kids you really think we slept LOL  ! ) The following day we rented a car and headed towards the highlands. Not to mention that I carried my share of chips and choclates and an entire stock of junk to keep me busy through the drives. When I look back and remember us driving through those moauntaneous roads it surely felt our destination was heaven. We spent each day well planned driving to different towns and exploring as much was possible within our capacity. Nature was at it’s best and I remember telling myself “I’m gonna come back here again very soon”. Little did I know that God would be so merciful to me that soon we would be planning a trip to the same place again. Yes, I’m chasing my Romeo to take us to Scotland once again. This time it’s going to be crazy for sure cause my little boy is now a toddler and can just not remain still. Yet, I’m willing to take that risk. Wish me luck and pray I’m able to convince my man soon enough that life’s too short and the way to make the best of it is a trip to Scotland this year 🙂 Once again !! Forgot to mention that this is the same strategy I have been using for the past 6 years and it always ends up with us having two travel trips in an year . Will keep you posted on what happens.

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