The Journey Within

I’m sitting on a train and I’m waiting to reach my destination. The train stops and she walks inside in front of me. A  lady well dressed in a black suit probably heading out to a meeting or to her office. She has her hair pinned up in a bun so neatly. Her shirt is so perfectly ironed and creaseless. She checks her watch every now and than as she fumbles to fix a strand of hair that keeps falling to her face when the train jolts through a turn. She must be getting late. I cannot help but notice a white line on her finger revealing the absence of a ring that probably left an untanned shade across her finger. She must’ve been married than. Why isn’t she wearing her ring? I see her look outside. She seems lost in thoughts as she gazes out of the window. She keeps fixing her hair. She can leave it as is but she won’t. Maybe she feels she needs to. Maybe the absence of a ring indicates a lost love , a relationship. Maybe she’s thinking about it right now. God knows whats hidden behind what I see. A strong, smart,  clean and well dressed lady is what I see. With perfect matching pearl earrings to a well kept french manicure she seems perfect on the outside. But maybe just maybe she is not the same on the inside. Maybe she fixes her hair each time just as she tried to fix her relationship so many times before it ended. She kept trying and didnt want to give up. Just maybe she keeps a perfect strong exterior to hide the tarnished and broken person she is inside. She notices me staring so I Immediately move my gaze down towards my own feet. My nails aren’t cut or filed. The skin on my feet is flaky and dry and I try to move my feet inwards below the seat so nobody can notice. I feel embarrassed to notice the difference between myself and her. How well kept and lady like she is and how shabby and unorganised I seem. My attention draws to myself as I notice how my shirt isn’t ironed well. I squeeze in my seat as I realize how I had rushed out early in the morning amidst a chaos failing to even give a glance to myself and check on how I look. My thoughts are intervened by the ringing of a phone. Her cellphone rings beside her. She answers it and I notice tears dwell on her eyelids waiting to roll down with a blink as she says “I tried I really did please believe me”. With that her eyes close and the stream of pain held in her eyes rolls down her cheeks like a waterfall. She looks the other side towards the window in agony trying to hide herself from me. We are the only two people on this train. I try to avoid her eyes acting like I did not see or hear anything. In a few minutes the vibration of my cell phone catches my eye. “I love you dear” is what  I read. I know its my husband. He usually sends me love messages throughout the day to remind me I am loved. My life falls nothing short of perfect even though I might not look perfect. She looks perfect from where I see but she is quite the opposite of what may seem.

This is life. What seems obvious is sometimes not and what seems in shambles just might be perfect within. You need an eye to see that which lies within anyone otherwise if you fail to notice you will only judge someone based on what the eye merely sees. Open your vision. Open your inner eye.

The train comes to a stop with a jolt. My destination has come. I stand up and she looks straight into my eyes and smiles. By this time she has managed to wipe every tear and dabbed some foundation to remove any sign of sadness.  She gives me a broad smile pretending to be who she is not maybe. I smile back and softly whisper ” Don’t worry, this too shall pass. You’re still on your journey and the destination is still way ahead” She looks confused as I walk past her off the train to where I need to go. Two strangers, two lives on a journey of life. Wait till your destination comes. Wait till you are wise. Time shall pass, wounds shall heal. Look beyond what the obvious is. Just try to feel. Just try harder to feel.

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