Eid is here and I have some amazing tips for you

Wow Eid is here and it seems Ramadan just started a few days back. I hope you made the most of this beautiful month that passed so quick. Now that the shaytaan is out and partying I hope you have some plans to knock him out with all the ibaadah strength you have attained from this month. Yes go ahead and throw some chappals and chapairs at him tomorrow , just make sure you don’t throw your husbands eid chappals 🙂 Im sure you want a happy eid and not one with a sulky husband sitting without chappals staring at you with that look on his face.

Ok so make sure you follow the points below tomorrow and have a fabulous eid.

  1. Wake up with a smile. Wish your partner Eid mubarik as soon as you wake up. Its ok if he looks like wearwolf after all the sleepless nights of ibaadah and office work and didnt get enough time to shave. He is still the same man you married. Get wify points by being nice to wearwolf.
  2. Bathe well and put on your new shiny and fabulous eid clothes. If you have kids please attend to them first and than focus on yourself. I’m sure you dont want baby food and spit on your new clothes even before you’ve stepped out of the home.
  3. By bathing I mean a head to toe bath. Please save your “dry shampoo” for some other day. Thank you
  4. Kindly remember to wish your Neighbour’s and send them some sheer ( sheer korma – i hope im spelling it right)  too. Caring and Love extends to eid as well and was not only meant for ramadan
  5. As soon as Mr. Husband comes back from eid namaz attack him and demand your eidee. It’s your right and tell him “rozay kubool nahi hongay” if he refuses
  6. If you have kids please dont expect to look like Mahira Khan on eid. Accept motherhood and be ready to look like a ”maasi dressed in Maria.B attire’.
  7.  Try to pray namaz if you get time from eating. I know you need to make up for that one month you didnt eat during day time but please remember you are not underweight nor suffer from malnutrition. You dont really need to make up for anything.
  8. Last but not the least give alot of gifts, eidee to all those younger one’s around you and make them feel Eid is special. Please note that you cannot consider yourself young anymore so please accept age with grace. Those grey hair you dyed yesterday at the parlor are clear signs you are not young. That ‘Studio Fix Mac foundation’ cannot hide those wrinkles on your face Aunty Jee. You are an “Aunty” and praying not to become one on laylatul qadr nights wont change much. You will remain an aunty. This is not some magic spell.

I wish you a very happy Eid and hope that it brings alot of joy laughter and happiness to your home. If you have any leftover food the first day feel free to send it to my home. I can host a party the next day with the same. Sorry I am too lazy to cook after all those Iftaar get together’s I hosted. I am a great cook otherwise. Adios signing off.

A Dubai Born Desi Mom

A Dusty Memoir

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