It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop!

There are several days that seem never ending; moments or phases that don’t seem to pass. A single person waiting to find his/her soulmate. A mother waiting to concieve a child. A man waiting for his promotion after years of perseverance and hard work. An ill person waiting to be free of his disease. A bed ridden man in his old age with no hope. There is always something or sometime in your life that seems like infinity while it lasts. Amongst us are those that ache with pain right now. Those whose hearts have been shattered. Those who are in grief after losing a loved one. Those that feel lonely and those that have been wronged. In those times no consolation helps and nothing can change their reality. The pain keeps coming back in episodes of pulses like a heart attack. The more you run away from it the more it chases you. I know because I have felt it. I know because I have seen it. I have seen grief closely and I have experienced loss and hopelessness.

I know you want to hear that this is not forever and you want to know there is a bright side to this rainy night. Well there is ! Sometimes knowing “nothing lasts forever -not even pain” doesn’t help. But hearing someone else say it somehow reinforces it. I want to tell you there is hope. I want to tell you that miracles do happen. I want to tell you that even if your situation doesnt change god will mend your heart such that you will find solace in what is. I want you to know that for every tear that falls from your eye god will compensate you in abundance. Even if it seems impossible it’s not. The road is long and weary but it shall end. The path is painful and you are tired but you can pull it off if you keep going. Just a little bit longer and just with a little bit more faith. You can ask a zillion times “why me?” but that’s not going to help and that does not matter. The reality of life is that you’re not the only one afflicted with pain. There are zillions like you out there who you are unable to see or reach who suffer just like you do or they suffer in ways you cannot see. Stop looking at others. Just look at yourself and remember that you are strong. You are strong because you are reading this and that is proof enough that you are fighting whatever it is that makes life tuff for you right now. Someone once told me “miracles happen to those who believe” and it did not mean much to me until I waited long enough to see mine. Step out of your life and see the larger picture. This world is temporary and so is this life. Just keep going,  no matter how slow but keep going and with time you will see how things transform in your favor. This life is nothing but a journey and you are a traveler. Your pain will transform you and your journey will make you stronger. Shake hands  with your sorrow and accept it as a friend. Don’t fight what god has sent your way and slowly in that acceptance you will find solace. When you find solace in that moment  of surrendering , you will be free. As Jallaludin Rumi once said :

I said “What about my eyes”

God said “Keep them on the road ”

I said “What about my passion”

God said “Keep it burning”

I said “What about my heart?”

God said “Tell me what you hold inside it”

I said “Pain and Sorrow”

God said “Stay with it. The wound is the place where light enters you”

So beautiful are the words above for they depict how sometimes pain and sorrow is what enhances our wisdom, gives us wings to fly and makes us who we need to become. Your wounds open the passage for the light of wisdom to enter you. It opens the doors of compassion within your heart. It humbles you and brings you back to where you belong. Hence don’t detest it and don’t give up. Keep going no matter how slow. The journey seems long but it is to make better out of you. Do not stop. Just do not stop.


Dubai Born Desi Mom

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