There is Wisdom in The Little

There is wisdom in less. Having less, saying less and owning less. A sea cannot drown you if he wills and shallow waters can devour you. All the goodness in the world is erased with one sin while all the evils submerge and bend to a single good deed. There is no scale of measure for good and bad. Its what leaves a mark on your heart and on your soul that matters. There is wisdom in knowing less. The ignorant mind questions less and is slave to his lord. The most intelligent mind becomes a slave to his own logic. He becomes slave to his own mind while the ignorant is slave to his creator. In the end who is trapped and who is free? Who gains peace and who wanders in lust of answers? That is that matters. That is all that is. A mere creation of filthy clay that perishes to dust in no time. Don’t think less but be less than who you are. A begger in filthy clothes is bigger than you. The measure is only the Lord’s eyes ; which you cannot see. So remember , there is wisdom in knowing less and being less. There is wisdom in things you cannot comprehend. Leave it to him.

Extracts from ‘A Dusty Memoir’

Of a Dubai Born Desi Mom

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