How not to hate your husband after kids !



I think all mother’s can relate to the picture on the cover page of this book. I’ve gone through this maybe a zillion times myself where’d I’d chase my husband like a dominating witch asking him to focus while he fed the kids and he on the other hand felt overwhelmed and criticized despite trying to help after we had kids. This book is written by Jancee Dunn, a journalist, who enjoyed a happy life with her husband until her daughter arrived and the contentment soon started getting strained. Festered with resentment over whose turn was it to do what tasks for the baby whether it be changing the diaper or feeding the child, the serene jovial home soon started fostering grudges and agitations. When the pressure escalated she embarked on a journey to improve her marriage in various ways including seeing therapists, doing research and meeting other experts. All her efforts gave birth to the book above which is written in a straightforward humorous way sharing moments of being a wife and mother along with advise for other’s who go through the same.

Every woman who has had a child must have faced this moment of resentment towards her husband at some given point in time and you would seriously be lying if you said ‘no never’. I mean when he’d walk in home from office and you’re covered head to toe in burped milk and smelly poopies, pureed food and look very much like an ugly mommy monster and you get the question “So what did you do all day ? ” don’t you just wanna splash that baby food all over his face. This resentment just grows with time and starts tampering your marriage. Best part is every couple faces this and every person goes through this phase in life yet when you’re going through it, it feels your’e the only one. Don’t despair and hence whether you have children or not have a read at this book and take some marvelous advise for your home and marriage and let me know if you liked it too. It’s not easy but it’s not the end of the world either. It’s always good to read , share and talk to other’s about such situations I guess.

Adios from such a crazy mom

Dubai Born Desi Mom



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