Reflections on Life

They say as you age you tend to withdraw from the world and confine yourself to a smaller circle and start enjoying your moments of solitude. You start realising and accepting with grace what is wrong and right and what is more meaningful. You start valuing your time more than before and most of all you start enjoying moments you spend with yourself contemplating life and all that could have been. You realise how people matter more than things. How things you once held onto so tight are now in dire need to be set free. How slowly you can now see wisdom in things you could not achieve in your life. How loss now seems like victory. How once that felt failure now seems a sense of achivement.

When I look at my kids I sometimes want to teach them all that I have learnt. I want to give them all the lessons I have learnt in a nutshell but than reality dawns upon me that somethings are only meant to be learnt through the passage of time and by the bumps and rides of experiences. I want to tell them how some things will seem so important in life at one point and how at another you will realise it was for your best they were not supposed to be with you. I want to tell them how heartbreaks will only make you stronger till you end up with the right person meant for you. I want to tell them to cherish the little joys of life like a rainy sunday afternoon or a simple full mouthed laugh that sprouts from a happy heart. I want them to live each moment knowing it will not last whether happy or sad. Valuing whats given to you is an art I want them to master.

I sit and I comtemplate now. I love my company. All my life I yearned and sought people, things , moments, achievements while today what I value most is the time I spend with myself relflecting on my inner self and my perception of life. Its funny for somepeople. They ask me “how can you enjoy being on your own?” I laugh and reply “how can you enjoy being with those who don’t even know you” . Nobody knows me better than myself. I am the sole bearer and witness of whatever happened in my life. I felt it, i fought it and I survived it. Nobody will know the pain, the struggle and the joy life brought along its path better than me. We live in a world full of people yet there might be just one or maybe none who can be exactly like you. 

Not all who age gather wisdom. Don’t waste your time in conquest of what will not last. Make your moments real by adding pearls of wisdom to them. Accept age with grace. Accept the divine power of the unknown and let go. Enjoy being with yourself instead of chasing those who add nothing to you. And if you find a lady sitting at the far end of a coffee shop smiling to herself and scribbling on her notebook, that’s probably me. Come grab a coffee and lets sort out this thing called “life” 🙂

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