Why am I not in any Pictures ?


Recently I was going through some old pictures on my PC and I realised most of the pictures were either of my kids or my kids with their dad. And so I stepped back and wondered ? Where am I in these ? The fact that I was the one who clicked 99% percent of the photographs meant I was absent in all of them. I basically had barely any memories with my kids. This is sad  ! I don’t know if this happens to a lot of you but mothers hardly have any memories with their kids because they are the one who keep trying to photograph them or capture memories. I keep chasing my husband to take a few pics but he’s either busy or ends up taking such a bad blurry photo that I just stop asking him.

Time is flying and before you know it these tiny footsteps you see in your home will become adults and what will be left will be only memories of their childhood. Don’t let these moments pass by. My advise : push your husband , friend or anybody around and get a few pics with you in them as well. Mother’s put in so much hard work in raising kids and I think you deserve to make some memories eternal with your kids so that when they grow up they can look back and remember those moments too. Here are some tips on what you can do to ensure you are able to do this.


  1. Hire a lifestyle photographer


Don’t get a photogapher who will make you pose and take those fake smile photographs. Hire a photographer who can come home and capture you naturally with your kids doing daily tasks cause these are the real moments you’d want to look back and remember ( If you need recommendations on one as me )

2. Get a Tripod stand and an Iphone holder

Recently I got this holder for my iPhone which allows it to be mounted on a tripod. It costs hardly 100 AED and you can get it from any camera store.  I switch on my video on the phone and jump on the bed with the kids and play. This way I’m able to have some videos with my kids without the need of asking someone else to capture them


3. Take more selfies


Well you know this is the selfie craze era !! So go ahead and take selfies with your kids as often as you can. Make funny faces , giggle and let the child in you come to life. Take more selfies and cherish these moments later


4. Get the Daddy to work on a weekend for you

Give a long emotional lecture to daddy dearest on how you feel unwanted and unloved and emotionally blackmail him into taking photographs of you and the kids on a weekend. Make him a nice cup of coffee or simply complement on how smart he is and see the magic work. Hand him the iPhone and let him click away

5. Get your friends/family to gift you a photography session

Instead of getting unwanted makeup / shirts/gifts for your birthday give a hint to your friends and family to gift you a photograph session with a lifestyle photographer. You can use that to capture some great memories with your kids and family instead of having a clutter of unwanted gifts in your home.

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