Who Am I ?


In every life there are stories, feelings, things that are left unsaid. These words are hidden somewhere in our hearts, in our journals or lay simply pressed between dusty pages of an old book like a red rose withered brown and flat. This is what you are about. This is what I am about and this is exactly what this blog is all about. It’s about my journey; its about a lot of what you must have felt but probably did not say.

“A Dusty Memoir” is a Memoir of a ‘Dubai born Desi Mom’ filled with memories, feelings and emotions linked close to our lives. All content on this website is strictly copyright so please do not re-post or copy without giving its full ownership credit to my page.

Who am I ? Born and raised in Dubai this place has always been home to me. I am a mother of 2 beautiful children and my journey has taught me many lessons I’ve etched on the pages of my soul on a dusty memoir like this one. I share it here to look back one day and remember all that once was.